Travel log – #RatoBaltin at the Chilkhaya school


During the 10 days we have been in Chilkhaya, what has surprised us most is the number of students attending the secondary school  (from class 6 to 10).

We attended classes with 70 students, “luckily” missing 70 or 80 more. That is, the list of students for these classes was up to 140, 150. Yet the classrooms are not big enough to accommodate all of the students if they happen to all attend class together.

As are came at the rice planting time, many children do not go to school and instead work in the fields.

Another thing that has surprised us about the school is that it is probably the best organized we have found so far. It looks clean, and it is easy to see that they have organised every detail. The teachers have helped us a lot, even taking notes of our classes so they can continue them when we are not there. I wish all schools were like this.

One factor that we have not managed to schedule properly is the “extra” time for girls. Some days they ask us to hold the sessions at the school during school hours, but on others they request us to do it in the health post after school.

However, everything has went very well and everyone was very happy to have us there.

On our last day we had a nice homage, and received touching farewell speeches.

They are already waiting for us to return!

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Written by Clara Go. Correction by Kristy Davies

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