Travel log – Group of girls and Ruby cup training in Chilkhaya (Kalikot)

If at all anywhere, we had a list of girls who wanted menstrual cups, from way back, it has been in Chilkhaya.
As we explained in the last article, the classes were a minimum of 70 participants, the majority of these being girls. In this case though, each day we had a minimum of 100 participants. We were never able to write down all the participants in the register, as they was never enough time in the one hour.

In this village, we clearly saw, more than in any other place, the great power of the high castes above those considered to be of the lower castes. Girls from the higher castes were always at the top of the lists, while the lower caste girls, would not approach until the higher caste group was finished.

The raffle system was absolutely necessary and we chose the class with the most boys to do it. The boys were pulling out numbers not knowing who or what they were choosing. Luck made few girls of that class have a menstrual cup, but at least they saw that the system was totally clear, and they are on the waiting list.

The training was held at the health post, where we were able to boil the Menstrual Cups easily as they was gas to use. Anuja, the nurse, thanked it, in Rachuli had a really bad time with the smoke!

Written, and photos, © by Clara Go. Correction by Phumzile Mpofu

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