Art for Social Change

With our projects we empower women, give them an education, give them a job, and help them to make a better life for themselves.

What do we do?

We are developing projects of creativity with the aim of empowering local communities through art, with a special focus on women’s issues.

Rato Baltin Project

The Rato Baltin Project, is a program consisting of participatory photography, sex education and distribution of menstrual cups. We try to eradicate Chhaupadi in Nepal.
Chhaupadi is a tradition that considers women and girls impure while menstruating, exposing them to harmful stereotypes.

Happy Women Project

Aimed at widows: it is a training centre where women will be able to learn craftsmanship and various trades and become freelancers. be artsy may buy
and/or sell their production if they so wish. If a profit is made, funds will be reinvested in the Rato Baltin Project.


This project is based on the idea that, for every year in the education system, may delay by about 2 years the age at which girls get married. It is on this premise that the Rato Baltin mentors, who wish so, have access to a scholarship allowing them to live and study in Mangalsen. Education is really important to break the chain of poverty