Art for Social Change

What do we do?

We are developing projects of creativity with the aim of empowering local communities through art, with a special focus on women’s issues.

Rato Baltin Project

The Rato Baltin Project is a humanitarian initiative in Nepal that addresses menstrual health, gender equality, and female empowerment through education, distribution of menstrual cups, and participatory photography workshops. Its goal is to eliminate harmful practices like Chhaupadi and promote the well-being of women and girls in rural communities.

Happy Women Project

The Happy Women Project by be artsy empowers women in Achham, Nepal, by providing training and economic opportunities to enhance their quality of life. Through a training center, practical skills are taught and entrepreneurial spirit is fostered, contributing to sustainable development and economic autonomy for women.


The Edufem project by be artsy in Nepal offers scholarships to girls to ensure their access to education, preventing early marriages. This project is based on the idea that, for each year in the educational system, it can delay girls’ marriage age by about 2 years. Additionally, it provides job opportunities, promoting gender equality and female empowerment in the community.

Happy Women of be artsy

To secure financial support for the project, in addition to contributions from affiliated individuals, collaborating companies, and grants from some municipalities. We have initiated a line of solidarity products, voluntarily exchanged for donations at markets and fairs.