United Nations: ‘All this needs to change… now’

Chhaupadi: a particular form of hard violence against women. International Day to eliminate violence against women: panel discussion online and presentation with international guests who speak about women and menstruation in Nepal, entry by contributing €5 to the project.

In the United Nations message for the International Day to eliminate violence against women, the General Secretary António Guterres, denounces the “sexual type abuse and because of being a female, violence, rape, one of the most horrible, persistent and generalized human rights violation, affecting one in every three women in the world. “The violence against women and girls is rooted in centuries of male domination. Let us not forget that the gender inequalities that fuel violence culture are essentially a question of power imbalances”. “The stigma, erroneous ideas, the lack of information and the non fulfilment of the laws, only perpetuate impunity”.

The be artsy project has covered, by explaining about it, a lesser known form of violence against women, the Chhaupadi. Not only: we work since 2017 in an educative program that has showed its effectiveness in eradicating this practice in Nepal, based in workshops, awareness activities, participative photography, and empowerment for girls. To very much summarize what is our main project, the Rato Baltin Project, which we accompany by other interrelated parallel projects, in November, the month of the International Day to eliminate violence against women, we denounce all forms of violence, amongst them this terrible practice of extreme discrimination towards women just because they are female. We denounce, and work in situ in Nepal to eradicate this practice. Your support helps us to be effective in fighting against these forms of cultural, physical and daily violence.

Be artsy organizes, next Saturday the 7th of November, at 15h (UTC), an online discussion panel and exhibition, with international guests that shall speak about women and menstruation in Nepal, with entry by contributing €5 to the project: https://donorbox.org/charity-event

In November, be artsy proposes more activities within the frame of the International Day to eliminate violence against women. On the 28th, a documentary will be released and be artsy will offer an exhibition online that can be followed in three languages, and on the 19th Clara Garcia i Ortés, co-founder and president of the association, will participate via a discussion panel, on one of the 10 subjects treated at the World Toilet Summit, about hygiene personal spaces: that about menstrual hygiene management. 2,300 million people do not have access to a bathroom offering good sanitary conditions and personal dignity, according to the United Nations.

Translation by Tere Salinero

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