Ruby Cup: Thanks for helping us help others

The menstrual cups have arrived to give us a great lesson in sustainability in comparison with traditional products used during menstruation, which many times end up in some dumpsite or in the sea.

For that reason, Ruby Cup was born with the mission of providing sustainable menstrual care, thanks to its cups made of medical grade silicone, soft and easy to use, with an average life of up to ten years!
This way, Ruby Cup shows its commitment with environmental sustainability, but also with social sustainability: for each purchase cup, they donate one cup to a woman or girl who cannot get one, changing thus the lives of many women up to now.

Menstrual, sexual education to fight chhaupadi in Nepal
Moments like this have accompanied the be artsy Project from the beginning


Thank you very much, Ruby Cup, for your continuous support and collaboration! Many thanks for helping us help others!

By Luisa Tejada, translation by Tere Salinero

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