Thanks so much Himalayan Paradise!

In times of crisis, solidarity is one of the most precious values and, even more, in these times of Covid-19, in which sustainable and respectful projects with the environment and with people like Himalayan Paradise help us to continue helping.

Himalayan Paradise believes in fair trade, cultural exchange and a more equitable world, which it recreates not only in its Barcelona store, but also in their actions, which, for example, have allowed us to provide food to nearly 250 people!

Thank you very much, Himalayan Paradise, for your continuous collaboration!

Thanks for joining us year after year!

By Luisa Tejada

There are several ways in which you can get involved with our projects and help girls in Achham:

Teaming Group: 1 euro a month – become part of Rato Baltin Project!

Teaming Group: 1 euro a month – become part of the team and get your friends to help you sponsor her and avoid early marriage!!


Regular donation: to

Become a member:

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