Meet Dambara Budha

Dambara Budha has been collaborating in the Rato Baltin project as a trainer for over two years. She was born in the Dhungachalna village, a very remote area far from the urban centre of Dhakari, in the Achham district, with a terrible telephone signal, located in the western part of Nepal.

Before participating in the project, Dambara considered herself very innocent. She was a timid speaker in public and didn’t enjoy going to places alone. Now she continuously becomes more confident as she gains new knowledge and learns much more. Her life has changed for the better. In addition to overcoming her shyness, she has learned to manage her periods more healthily. Before obtaining the knowledge about menstruation, she was asked to confine herself to a hut as she believed it was the right thing to do. Now she stays in a room inside the house and takes care of her menstrual hygiene.

Since she is earning a little money, her vision for the future is more optimistic. She can see that her son will be able to have an education in the future, and she will be able to take care of her daughter-in-law when she has her period by providing them with nutritious food and giving her a clean and safe room to rest.

For Clara, the founder of be artsy, Dambara was special since she started in September 2018. Dambara arrived with a month-old baby and a 10 or 12-year-old boy to take care of the baby while she was in training. It was an incredible challenge for Dambara to concentrate on the work and take care of a baby. The question, what is Dambara going to do if he doesn’t work at Rato Baltin? It was enough to give her a chance. Thanks to a group of mentors who helped her at all times, now Dambara is working very well, her self-confidence is increasing, and she does not hesitate to talk to the mayor, whoever is necessary to carry out her work. Dambara manages the house, the field, the baby and the job. The truth is that Nepalese women are superwomen.

Text by Rupa Pandey and Clara G.O. with correction by Diya Modhera
Photos by Anne-Laure Crepin

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