Travel Log – From 2073 to 2075, again teaching in Kunti Bandali

After Janalibandali we travelled to Kunti Bandali, where nothing was really new. We were only there teaching for four days. The first time we came here we taught two classes at the end of 2073 (it is now the beginning of 2075).

This time we taught classes 6 and 7, as well as a school girls group, menstrual cup training, and a young women’s group.

The school in Kunti was (as usual) strict with or timetables and their students. In this school discipline is an everyday thing. There were three periods every day, and we had to finish on time. Something really complicated, sometimes…

The school had finished its new building we had seen growing over our last two visits, and they now had a clean, beautiful library and hall.

The young women’s group was really interesting, made up of young women that were not attending the school. We think the menstrual cups we buy to give to women outside of the school could get good use here. The only thing we are not happy with is that they could only join us for one day because of work, and we are quite sure that the follow up will be more complicated that usual. But both Jamuna, a nurse, and the nurse in town, took responsibility of following up on time after our phone calls.

We completed the follow up with old users from Dashain in Jamuna’s house, which we also used to eat, sleep, and boil menstrual cups.

Written and photographs, with Fujifilm XT20, © by Clara Go.
Correction by Kristy Davies

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