The Afrodita Circle also endeavour to help women in other countries. Thanks!

Now, more than ever, the empowerment of women is an impending issue. António Guterres, UN Secretary General, stated “that this becomes an international priority to achieve global peace and a higher protection of the human rights all over the world”. However, to reach this it is first necessary to rediscover and strengthen that individual female empowerment to help us in the process of self-acknowledgement, liberation, re-education and change.

Mila Torró, founder of Afrodita Circle, has been accompanying women for more than 12 years in their search for balance, well-being and personal reconciliation. She has pursued this through individual sessions or with courses, workshops and therapies that, using energetic techniques, music, movement and body awareness, to encourage women’s liberation and empowerment. Afrodita Circle also endeavour to help women who wish for that liberation in other countries, collaborating with be artsy  for many years now sharing parts of its funds from courses and workshops to our organization.

Mila Torró, thank you very much, for being a guide for many women and for supporting our cause.

Thank you! Afrodite Circle helping be artsy

By Luisa Tejada, translation by Tere Salinero,
correction by Jeanne Wills. Photos by Serena Aiko

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