Rokpa: a Tibetan word meaning ‘help’ and ‘friend’

There are areas with difficult accessibility that only organizations like ROKPA have been able to reach. Since its founding in 1980, Rokpa (A Tibetan word meaning ‘help’ and ‘friend’) is present today in Nepal, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Rokpa was also established in the Tibetan areas of China from 1990 to 2016 and provided education, medicine and food for disadvantaged populations.

ROKPA understands that education is a way to help overcome the barriers of poverty, and they are committed to educational plans that allow the empowerment and training of individuals. This includes: preparing children and adults for school and professional education, assisting in finding work for women through training workshops, and conducting family support programs on HIV / AIDS in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

In addition, ROKPA is committed to bringing urgent medical aid to the communities they serve, while also covering the costs of food and subsistence for the most vulnerable families.

Because of ROKPA’s concern for the education and health of communities and the women of Nepal in particular, ROKPA has become a wonderful “friend” who “helps” us to help others, wherever it is most needed.

Thank you very much, ROKPA, for being an essential part of be artsy projects!!

Text by Luisa Tejada, translation Clara Garcia i Ortés, corrections by Teresa Marx

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