#RatoBaltin’s First stage has been a total success

All the photos in this mail were made by the girls during the Participatory Photography workshop #BreakTheSilence #MaunataTodau. Soon we will put them on sale, and the money will be for the authors.

We have not been in touch for a while, but time flies and work has been pressing, both in Nepal and in Barcelona.
We are writing a short notice to let you know we have you in mind and that we will soon post about everything that has been going on in the past really intense  months.

For now, just a quick recap: the volunteer Spanish nurses, the Nepalese staff and Clara have already brought the project in 2 towns of Achcham (Nepal). It has been a complete success: women are especially satisfied with the menstrual hygiene training. Girls are really grateful for the menstrual cups donated by Ruby Cup – which we have been distributing in a pilot project. There is even a waiting list for the next batch! Both girls and women were really excited about the participatory photography workshops. They really needed to talk about Chhaupadi! We did not mention the word once, they were the ones who started bringing pictures of the huts and the deprivations they suffer when they menstruate.
After the workshops, many of them decided to change some of the things they did up until now. We are sure that – slowly but surely –  change will happen.

Alba, together with the rest of the volunteers, has been working on social media management and translations, as well as setting up an exhibition which opened on March 17th.
For those of you in or around Barcelona, in case you are interested in visiting it and buy a picture or two, it is held at Greenage Club Barcelona: ​​Rosello, 254, 08037 Barcelona. Both Àsia 14-16 and the winner of the Photogenic Festval 2016 – SPECIAL are exhibited there. Since this is a private club,you must become members in order to get in. The good news is, however, that if you say you are going to visit the exhibition you will get a 50% discount on the annual membership: it will only cost you €10 and €5 out of these will be donated to be artsy! So by visiting the exhibition you will be donating to us!

For those of you who have not donated yet, a friendly reminder: there are only 9 days left for our fundraiser. We still need funds for the next villages in Karnali Zone, at the Kalikot Disctrict. Would you please consider donating today? 🙂

For the rest of you: could you please share the link to the fundraiser on social media in order to help us get the final momentum? We need as much help as we can get!

Thank you very much for everything. We will keep in touch!

Remember the donation link in English is this one: http://www.migranodearena.org/en/challenge/13821/higiene-menstrual-en-nepal—chhaupadi/

The link to the English-version website is as follows: http://beartsy.org/rato-baltin-project-chhaupadi-red-bucket-project/
Web: http://beartsy.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beartsyNGO/

Written by Clara Go - Translate to english by Alba Miquel - Photos ©: Its authors, Girls from Basti and Kunti Bandali

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