Finishing touches to the Project – In Nepal everything is unforseeable!


6 days left to go to Nepal, and the project is ever more outlined and clear. However, difficulties are also fast approaching.

The original idea was to go West by the end of February to be there during March until mid-April. We had to change the plan (as usual in Nepal) and adapt to current events. And we will most likely have to change plans again!

The government of Nepal, after signing the constitution last year, reformed the educational curriculum and, as of today, neither teachers nor students in the area we are going to know which day the holidays start. They don’t know exam dates either or the date the school year will start.

Finishing touches to the Project – In Nepal everything is unforseeable!
© Clara Go – Finishing touches to the Project – In Nepal everything is unforseeable!

Therefore, we have decided that on our first trip at the end of February and March, we will offer our workshops in just two villages in the Achcham Disctrict (the area with the most Chhaupadi-related deaths this winter). In April local staff take their annual end-of-year holidays, so we will wait until the new school year starts, by the end of April or beginning of May, when we will go to Kalikot to work in two more villages.

This made us rethink most of the project and face new expenses and challenges. The temperature is not the same in April as in May. In May the heat is suffocating and the monsoon rains may start anytime. We will have double the expenses to take all the staff to the area. Moreover, some volunteers who could have made it in April will not be able to in May, so we will have to find others.

But that’s how Nepal is. Unpredictable. Their typical saying is: “Nobody knows”… and “What are we to do”? (K garne). And this is something we must not forget.


© Clara Go – Nepal is like this. Let’s put a smile back on our faces and carry on…

Many thanks to all of you for making your donations to the project’s fundraiser at:—chhaupadi—rato-baltin/

We do really need it more than ever! 🙂

¡Many thanks!


Translated by our volunteer team.

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