Collaboration Makes a Difference: MacEwan University

The experience related to the collaborative workshops developed with MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has been rewarding for each of us. Through the Riipen platform, we unite around our academic and practical interests in defending the rights of children and women in Nepal.

Nursing students from the Community Mental Health: High Priority Population class have contributed and continue supporting be artsy. We want to thank all those students, but especially Taylor Wilson and Hannah Wildeman for the crowdfunding implemented for be artsy which obtained CAD 500 (EUR 332.80) for the Rato Baltin Project. Likewise, we want to express our gratitude to Professor Rita Dhungel, in charge of the Social Work course at the same University, who, with her students, included the participation of be artsy in events for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, last November.

Therefore, apart from with the fundraising, the students have contributed to spreading the predicament of women related to extreme discrimination just because they are women and being considered unclean when they have their menstruation. In addition to reflecting on possible implementation solutions based on menstrual, sexual, health, and sustainability education. Plus free participation. Proposals that have gained recognition not only in Nepal but also in other countries, but on which we must continue working. In 2020, where we have all been affected in various ways, primarily about health issues, we started at the end of the year with the 2021 project, which has continued to advance with care but strong.


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Going back to the main issue, the MacEwan University has contributed in ways that, as happens with all positive actions, have been crucial. The students, with some computer graphics in both English and Nepali, have helped the project, apart from with the fundraising, by providing an outreach tool for girls and women as well as for the communities.

Translation by Liliana Gonzalez and Tere Salinero

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