Word of thanks to On Coach Communication

When we think about a coach, the first thing that comes to mind is that of a sports coach who will help us change our attitude in order to achieve our personal goals; of course, through discipline and effort, values that elite athletes know very well.

And, from this passion for coaching and sports, is how ON COACH COMMUNICATION was born: a firm that can transfer sports values to the executive, corporate and administrative field, and what is more, under the guidance of Albert Barceló Casals and his sports team, all exceptional athletes of proven professional trajectory, who give masterclasses and motivational seminars to companies, sports organizations, mountaineering clubs, educational centres and other associations.

On top of that, ON Coach Communication shares its passion for coaching and sports with values such as solidarity and social commitment, via communication campaigns, documentary films, videos or publications. And it is precisely thanks to this commitment that ON Coach Communication has prepared a documentary on our Rato Baltin (Red Bucket) Project, where they inform about our aim, our work, and the reality we face at be artsy. A splendid documentary that will be released worldwide, in three languages, on the 28th of November (Fair Saturday), in streaming: https://app.fairsaturday.org

Many thanks, ON COACH COMMUNICATION, for collaborating with be artsy!

By Luisa Tejada, Translation by Tere Salinero

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Teaming (1 euro/month)

RatoBaltin: https://www.teaming.net/ratobaltinproject

Edufem to prevent early marriage: https://www.teaming.net/edufemproject

Associate: – https://beartsy.org/associate / 

Donorbox: –https://donorbox.org/againts-chhaupadi – https://donorbox.org/edufem – Covid-19🦠 https://donorbox.org/mask-4-health-nepal Thanks!

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