We evaluate the impact of the Rato Baltin project in 2022

We have updated our Transparency page on our website to share the results with donors, associates, and partners.
As you know, our project fights against chhaupadi and promotes reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, and education in areas of Nepal where extreme taboos affecting girls and women persist.

According to the evaluation, the project achieved significant results last year, and we directly benefited over 19,000 individuals through workshops on menstrual health, sexual education, and the distribution of menstrual kits and cups. We have also undertaken other initiatives to increase the visibility of the project.

The objectives of the Rato Baltin project are to educate about reproductive health, menstrual management, and sexual education. On top of that, we introduced the use of menstrual cups in different social spheres, and reduce the school absenteeism of girls in selected remote communities in western Nepal.

We also focus on ensuring menstrual dignity and long-term program sustainability.

Throughout 2022, various activities were carried out to achieve these objectives.

We provided menstrual health and sexual education training for boys and girls, focused on the use of menstrual cups in schools and for women under forty, with a 97.5% acceptance rate.

We provided training on menopause for women’s groups in villages and conducted awareness sessions on hygiene and protection against Covid-19.

Furthermore, we, as well, collected data from menstrual cup users and carried out other actions such as training on sunflower and banana cultivation, as well as soap and incense production. You can read the evaluation.

The results obtained drive the Rato Baltin project towards its goals, ensuring menstrual health and dignity for women in Nepal. Thanks to associates, partners and donors!!

You can be part of our projects, if you want!

By Clara Garcia i Ortés
Photos by ©be artsy

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