be artsy: This 2023 we advance at full steam!

We are very happy to share the last news on our organization! Thanks to the contributions of our members, of donors… the girls were able to finish successfully, during these first two months of the 2023, their Rato Baltin training, by now in two different schools within the municipality of Turmakhand.

In case you don’t actually know us, we started with a very specific purpose: fighting to eradicate the extreme violence that entails the practice of the Chhaupadi, a Hindu superstition deeply rooted in the country, for girls and women in Nepal, by supplying tools, resources, information and training..

Some of you are already aware that the Rato Baltin training is a very complete program on menstrual health and empowerment for women, focused on helping young women to enjoy a better menstrual health and, at the same time, increase their confidence and self-esteem. With this training, girls and boys learn about female and male anatomy, menstrual hygiene, the use of the menstrual cups, and much more.

We are very happy to say that, especially thanks to the support of particulars, and some contribution of other NGOs, we can explain that with that support (which we still need), we have been able to do a follow-up of the users of the menstrual cups from last year, and we have received many positive comments on the impact that the menstrual cups have had in the life of these girls and women. The menstrual cups are a sustainable and affordable alternative to the conventional menstrual hygiene products, and we could continue supplying those to the women in these remote areas of Nepal.

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Also, more news: we shall soon start a new school in a new municipality: Chaurpati! We try to expand our scope in order to reach more women in the area! We want to continue supplying relevant education and resources to the young women in this community. If you have any question, or you wish to have more information about our work, do not hesitate in contacting us.
So, if you want, you can continue helping us, we need as much support as possible to go ahead.
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By Clara Garcia i Ortés, Josep Marín
Translation: Tere Salinero. Photos de be artsy

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