The widows of Achham, the women most in need of food aid in Nepal in situation of covid-19

We are conducting a food distribution project. We started in Basti: during the execution of the Mask4Health project we learned that there is a higher need for women: in the maintenance of the house run by widowed women with children, they haven’t anything to eat. We work with an Achham NGO and our coordinators Manisha and Tejana were helping with the execution of the project; and our partner Be Artsy Nepal organized everything from Kathmandu.

Basti is the first village that we worked in 2017, and we have been there several times. Tejana, our Coordinator, is from this municipality. It is not possible to arrive to Basti by jeep. Jeeps usually can get to a halfway point named PichiBanda, and from there it is another 2 hours walk to Basti (minimum). The jeep from the municipality could not reach the meeting point because of the muddy road. We have already had this problem several times while going to Basti. Our partners from Achham and the municipality had to bring all the food by tractor to PichiBanda.

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In Basti, the Mask4Health project is still not finished (we still don’t have all the money needed) and women have not their reusable masks, so we provided every one with a surgical one, and we asked everybody to keep 6 feet distance and hand washing. You can read this small great project – Food4Needed – with its cost here, and become part of it.

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In PichiBanda, the widowed women were waiting and the team gave the food relief to them, for 100 households. We keep on working for two more villages.

By Clara Garcia i Ortés, photos by Manisha Nath, Tejana Khanal and JCI Achham for be artsy.

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