New virtual exhibition ‘Menstruation in Nepal, a cultural torment’

Participatory and solidarity photography is one of the axes of be artsy. As part of the work to raise awareness about the reality of women and girls in Nepal, where be artsy is working to eradicate chhaupadi, now the City of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, through its Cooperation Department and with the collaboration of Territorios Libres, has created the virtual exhibition ‘Menstruation in Nepal, a cultural torment’.

It is part of the 4th Joan Gomis 2020 Cycle, and we will also see an interview with Clara Garcia i Ortés. It will be shown on Friday 18.09.20 – 18 h, we are waiting for you! ▶️

We need your help, please. Make your donation to the Rato Baltin and Edufem projects today.


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