Please meet Ruby Cup: our strategic partner

As you might already know, we are beginning the implementation of Rato Baltin Project in Nepal very soon. Rato Baltin (meaning Red Bucket in Nepalese) is a long-term project which intends to generate a space for reflection within Western Nepalese communities – where the practice of Chhaupadi is rife – in order to help improve girls’ and women’s life conditions and wellbeing. Besides participatory photography workshops and sex ed in schools, we are also going to distribute menstrual cups to four groups of girls who are going to be instructed on how to use them by local nurses.

Please meet Ruby Cup:

These menstrual cups were donated by our strategic partner Ruby Cup.
Ruby Cup not only sells and distributes menstrual cups, but its social mission is devoted to helping women and girls affected by poverty, who face problems during their periods because they simply cannot afford menstrual hygiene products. As stated by themselves, “Without proper sanitary products, girls and women are forced to use degrading substitutes (like mud or old newspapers), which do not absorb well and often carry serious health implications for infections and diseases.” Moreover, the lack of menstrual products is a huge factor in school absenteeism. Through their Buy One, Give One programme – every, time someone buys a Ruby Cup, another one is donated to a girl who would otherwise not be able to access it – Ruby Cup distributes the Ruby Cups in collaboration with local partner organisations.


The girls in West Nepal do face all the challenges stated above, with the addition that the practice of Chhaupadi deprives them from their most basic needs and forces them out of their homes, creating a host of problems – including death.

Please remember that we are still raising funds for Rato Baltin at—chhaupadi—rato-baltin/

Every donation helps!

 Please meet Ruby Cup: our strategic partner

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