News about our staff: Kamala Bhandari, mentor and new Achham Team Manager

We spoke with Kamala, one of the first girls to attend our workshops in Mangalsen. Namaste, Kamala. After some time in which, for organizational reasons, we did not update our website with new reports and news, we love to resume the news section with this interview. Kamala is a mentor, and  the new Achham Team Manager.

Kamala, can you tell me a little about your life?

Namaste, my name is Kamala Bhandari, I live in Mangalsen Municipality 6, Tesinge. There are 6 people in the family. I am working in the Rato Baltin Project because since my childhood I have wanted to eradicate the misconducts and superstitions of the society.

Kamala, what was your life like before participating in the Rato Baltin Project?

Before working in the project, I didn’t know anything about menstrual health management, I had never spoken about it in front of anyone, and I was unaware about the outside environment, other than my own.

What was your emotional state before starting the Project?

Before starting the project, my emotional state was very weak, I was ignorant, I didn’t know anything about menstrual health management since I participate in some training related to that.

Kamala, now that you are part of the Project, what is your life like? Has your gaze changed towards your future?

My life has changed a lot since I am part of the project. This project has been able to bring lots of changes in me and in my community. Yes, my gaze has changed towards my future, before I knew nothing about life, and now I have more knowledge. I can work on this project and change my society, the village and my future.

And now we ask Clara, co-founder and director of the Project: What surprised you the most about Kamala since she joined the Project?

Although Kamala appears in the image we used to present the 2019 project, from the first row of girls, I knew well only Manisha. I met Kamala during the ToT (we name like this some activities of the project) and especially the day we told the mentors who were training, if any of them wanted to continue studying and their family could not afford it, and they had already told them that they could not do it, they should contact us. We will study their cases. He came to ask for the scholarship, crying. Since she started in the Turmakhand group she has grown as an independent person. She went from being an insecure girl, to being a girl who filled the room with her presence. Kamala is fun, sensitive, hard-working and full of love and respect for others.


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