2018 Rato Baltin Project Financial Report

We’ve come to an end of another year and it’s time to properly thank the people who have helped make it a memorable year.

Our project began with the simple idea of providing basics to a woman during her menstrual period. In Nepal’s context, it is a topic that has long needed to be addressed, a subject considered taboo, but in today’s modern world need not be. It is time for change.

Our project has focused on breaking down long held taboos, raising awareness about the subject, empowering the women of West Nepal, and offering real solutions. In 2018 we provided 321 Ruby cups to women and our journey is far from over!

But first, to our donors and volunteers we would like to thank you from the depths of our heart for helping to drive positive change! Your support has been critical. You can read here the report 2018.

Times are changing and there is no place in today’s modern world for taboos around menstruation to continue. With your continued support we will continue with our important work.

Written by Akash Thapa, corrected by Monica Parekh

Budget evaluation


Estimate Cost

Total Cost

Salaries – Local staff

Rs 462.000

Rs 588.576

Supplies and workshop resources + cups for women

Rs 340.650

Rs 589.934,84

Utilities, bureaucracy + food and accommodation

Rs 660.060

Rs 822.951,5


Rs 290.000

Rs 323.450

Total NPR

Rs 1.753.250

Rs 2.324.912,34

Total Euro

15.246 €


General expenses – 10% of total Euro

1524 €


Grand Total

16.770 €


Exchange Rate: 1 Euro = 115 NPR (Rs)

Exchange Rate: 1 Euro = 127 NPR (Rs)


The 2018 budget exceeded the initial proposed expenditure by 3366,39 Euros. With a stronger than expected Euro – NPR exchange rate, which had been estimated based on the year previous, we exchanged at a rate of 127 in place of 115. If the exchange rate had stayed at 115, we would have instead exceeded the budget by 6000€ or more!

There were four reasons for exceeding the budget to such an extent

1 – In the first trip, we had seen the need for two nurses in place of one. Moreover, the school groups we were interacting with were large and quite difficult to manage at our then capacity. We therefore hired two older cup users as local mentors to assist the nurses.

2 – The September follow up trip was more expensive than foreseen. As we showcased a film in the villages, we we had to buy fruits, sweets, and tea (in some case ‘iogurg’ to make banana lassi) for the communities, so that they would come to see the film and participate happily after not being present for so long.

3 – When we saw that the Kathmandu nurses did not want to go back to Achham, no matter how much we had been paying, we decided to invest in a special training for six new Achhami trainers and six mentors. A menstrual therapist travelled from Spain to teach a more open minded way of seeing menstruation to the new trainers.

4 – We spent more that we wanted to in official paperwork and administration in Nepal, due to the requirements of the Social Welfare Council (SJW) laws and guarantees.


Where did the budget come from?


50% of our Project funding came from our partner ROKPA International. The rest came from our Associates and private donorsRuby Cup gave us 250 Cups for the Spring Project, and 150 more in August to do an earlier training to female teachers and nurses in the 2019 villages. The cost of these cups on the European market would be 10.080 €.The three main partners of this project have been collaborating similarly. Next year, Ruby Cup will a donate 3000 menstrual cups. On the European market, the 2019 donation from Ruby Cup would be 81.000€.


West Nepal girls need this kind of program. And we need help to continue the project!

Paypal recurring donations:

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Or if you feel like it, you can donate via bank transfer at: Banc Sabadell IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934 BIC: BSABESBB (your recurring donation will help us have a better planning of our budget to carry out the projects undertaken).

Or take a look to others ways to donate at http://beartsy.org/get-involved-with-rato-baltin/   or https://beartsy.org/become-an-associate/
Thank You! 🙂

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