2018 Project Evaluation Report

A year has come to pass and much has changed in terms of our project development here in Nepal.

However, Nepal and the way women are treated here still remains somewhat the same, although we can proudly say our efforts have not been in vain. We’ll talk further down the article about our operations and purpose with the Rato Baltin Project by be artsy NGO.

To date, we have distributed 600 Ruby Cups along with complimentary much needed sexual health education. You can read our complete project evaluation here.

Chhaupadi (menstrual exclusion i.e. the culture of keeping female members of the family outside their homes in-order to “protect” their family home from ill fates) is still ongoing and an ingrained part of culture, leading to recent tragedy.


What are we doing?

To tackle a subject that many Nepalis consider to be ‘taboo’, over the last 3 years we have provided sex and menstrual health education to both female and male members of villages in far-Western Nepal. Although the Government has banned the tradition and instituted jail time for those that force women and their children to stay outside in a hut for 4-5 days and nights during their cycles, nothing seems to change in such far-away places where even the Government doesn’t have effective reach. We believe that sex education can make a substantive impact to this practice and enable the rights of girls and women to live safe from harm and discrimination.

With the help of our Donors and Volunteers, alongside the continuous hard work of the be artsy team, we have been able to understand how culture is shaping the lives of many Nepalese. This insight has led us to confidently believe there is great hope and potential for change, even though things seem rougher than ever with tragedy still occurring.

Thank you all for your time and love.

West Nepal girls need this kind of program. And we need help to continue the project!

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Or take a look to others ways to donate at http://beartsy.org/get-involved-with-rato-baltin/   or https://beartsy.org/become-an-associate/
Thank You! 🙂

Written by Akash Thapa, corrected by Kristy Davies.

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