Project Proposal for 2019

In 2005 the Government of Nepal declared the practice of Chhaupadi illegal, and since 2018 has been considered a criminal offence with explicit consequences. However, there are places where belief in the tradition is stronger than that of the law.

The risk of sexual exploitation through Chhaupadi in Western Nepal is still therefore present, but thanks to organisations such as be artsy this is beginning to change. Be artsy conducts a sex education project that tackles ideas behind the tradition which discriminates against and ostracizes women during their periods, leading to subhuman conditions and or death.


Project Proposal for 2019


Throughout 2019, be artsy will work in Accham with Samabikas Nepal, a local NGO, to execute the Rato Baltin (Red Bucket) project in stages. These stages range from training adolescents in sex education, conducting participative photography workshops, and disseminating 3,000 menstrual cups donated by Ruby Cup. We hope our work and commitment to training local staff in 2019 will result in Nepalese women leading the project in 2020, and into the future.

You can read the whole project here:

Written by Maria Isabel García Marques, corrected by Kristy Davis.

West Nepal girls need this kind of program. And we need help to continue the project!

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