Don’t miss the exhibitions about Rato Baltin!

Lately we have been talking about the exhibition in networks, we want to introduce you.

Exposició sobre Rato Baltin


The idea of mixing the photos that girls have been taking during the Rato Baltin project with photographs of creative women from here was by Magda Gavaldà.

The exhibition, actually 2 different exhibitions and one installation, are mixed with talks by Clara Garcia Ortés or some other person from the association.

The first exhibition is in foam, and will hover for different libraries of Barcelona, or nearby, for a long season. It is the one that can now be seen in Poble Sec (Biblioteca Poble Sec-Francesc Boix) until December 10, and from December 11 it can be seen in Cornellà.




The second one has the form of roll-up and did not arrive in time to Tona (Donaveu Associació de Dones de Tona – Biblioteca Caterina Figueras), which self-made an alternative and fantastic one, but if you want, you can enjoy now in the Biblioteca Volpelleres Miquel Batllori of Sant Cugat.


Exposició sobre Rato Baltin



The artistic commissioner of the exhibition is in charge of Alba Metzger and it has not been an easy job to link such different ideas in a single exhibition.

So far we have had the help of Núria, Paula and Laura for the assembly. In future exhibitions, we will have more volunteers!

You can see the installation in the windows of the Library Clot – Josep Benet (in the building of the Design Museum), until the end of December, and has been in charge of Viviana Sansone (the videos have been prepared by Marina Gallego).




If you are in Barcelona, you can come and join us the 17th December at 18:30 h!


Thanks so much to all the people involved, and please, if you want to get involved or host the exhibitions, installations and talks in your town, or want to help us in the assemblies, get in touch with us!

Thank you all for the fantastic welcome!

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