2017- Rato Baltin Pilot Project Impact Evaluation

We hope 2018 has begun with joy and harmony.
The whole be artsy team has started the year with great enthusiasm, as we have been working hard over the last few months to analyze the data collected during our last trip to assess the impact of the 2017 Rato Baltin project. We have been encouraged by what we have found, and are more committed now than ever in the fight against chhaupadi using sexual education, participatory photography and menstrual cups.

2017 was a great success!
You can read about it here:

Project Impact Evaluation rato baltin 2017 be artsy ngo nepal
Project Impact Evaluation rato baltin 2017 be artsy ngo nepal


Thank you very much for being with us, we will soon send you exciting news about the 2018 Rato Baltin project.

The team of be artsy’s volunteers .
Clara Go

Now you can contribute for paying one month salary to the nurse, or for some hygiene kits easily from : https://www.gofundme.com/menstrual-cups-in-nepal-chhaupadi

Or If you feel like it, you can Donate:

Banc Sabadell
IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934

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Thank you for making this possible!

Written by Clara Go. Corrections by kristy Davies

This post is also available in: Spanish Catalan

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