We must be many more Teamers!

We have sent the proceedings from the Teaming Group, where the people that help us contribute with €1 per month to the Rato Baltin Project of be artsy.

With this contributions, we add resources to the project and help it grow and consolidate. Rohini Bhandary and Hiukala Chalaune, our trainers from Turmakhand and Mangalsen, have followed with the project this winter, and also training new users of the Ruby Cup menstrual cup. Our project is showing itself effective in eradicating the tradition of Chhaupadi, which penetrates across a large part of Nepalese society, and because of it, girls and women are strongly discriminated when they have the menstruation. With our project, the girls and the communities themselves do determine the need for changes.

The money we have sent has been used to cover the expenses and salaries of the winter training in Mangalsen (we have distributed 136 menstrual cups), and in Turmakhand (17 menstrual cups). Our trainer Hiukala and our collaborator Rupa Pandei do explain all of it. The contribution of €1 monthly from each of our Teamers is very important, because without it this would not have been possible. Help the Rato Baltin project. In 3 years we reached 13.700 direct beneficiaries, and more than 2.075 users of the menstrual cup.

We have created a separate group to pay for the school of the girls to whom we pay for school, home, food and English classes to give them a chance and prevent them from getting married at 17. Thank you!

Text and photos by Clara Garcia i Ortés, translation by Tere Salinero.

For just €1.80 a day you can change the future of a girl and prevent her from being forced to marry at 14 years old!

There are several ways in which you can get involved and sponsor a girl in Achham:

Teaming Group: 1 euro a month – become part of Rato Baltin Project!

Teaming Group: 1 euro a month – become part of the team and get your friends to help you sponsor her and avoid early marriage!!

Regular donation: to https://donorbox.org/againts-chhaupadi

Become a member: https://beartsy.org/associate/

🙂 Thanks!

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