Travel Log – Ruby cup training at Rachuli. Once again, total success!


The menstruation cup training that we have set at Rachuli, exceeded all expectations. We have spent, so far, 10 days in town, talking with the ladies and girls, teachers of both sexes, and trying to reach out to the men. to talk with the men…

The girls were asked to talk with their parents about the concept of using a menstruation cup and ask them for their permission. Mothers are talking to us too.

Every day we dedicate a while to stroll around the villages so they can be able to ask us questions about whatever they want.

At first, opposite to what we experienced in Achcham, there was some resistance to agreeing with our concept; however as the training day approaches the list is growing and once again we have a waiting list for girls to receive the menstruation cup.

For the very first time local teachers and nurses attended the training together with the girls. We have found this to be effective as teachers and nurses will be able to control better its use in front of their students.

Instructions were also given to the Primary Care Centre, following a discussion with the management, including a list of the cup users. This way the girls using the cup can be better monitored and in case there are issues with the cup or its use, they are quickly detected.

I never get tired repeating this to them: “Clean your hands with soap, clean the cup with clean water directly to its bucket and if possible, boiled water. And boil the cup once menstruation has gone, a minimum of 5 minutes.”

The team, jokingly, said that I should get that tattooed on my face, 😉 I am considering to prepare a banner which I could hang up during the workshops; so the girls will thinking about the cup, with the constant message of using very clean water, soap, and boil routine!

Written by Clara Go. Photos done with FUJIFILM X-Pro1 © Clara Go
Translated to English by Dominic Ramirez and Corrections by Hannah Cremona.

West Nepal girls need this kind of program. And we need help to continue the project!

Now you can donate for paying one month salary to the nurse, or for some hygiene kit or for the menstrual cup control in September:

Or If you feel like it, you can donate via bank transfer at: Banc Sabadell IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934 BIC: BSABESBB (your recurring donation will help us have a better planning of our budget to carry out the projects undertaken).

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