Thanks to Rotary Club Barcelona Millennium, we were able to purchase necessary materials for the Rato Baltin Project

Contributions make a difference. The philanthropic organization Rotary Club Barcelona Millennium has given us resources – € 600 – to support our main project, Rato Baltin, and fight against Chhaupadi, a practice banned since some years by the government of Nepal. But it still persists in the country, especially in rural and remote areas such as the west, in the Achham district. All funds go toward our efforts to secure the basic rights of girls and women in western Nepal, where we have been working since 2017 on the ground to eliminate the inhumane practice of Chhhaupadi that is subjected to women when they have their periods.

We have more and better materials for the menstrual and sexual education workshops for girls, women, and training in the use of the menstrual cup now. A menstrual cup is a sustainable tool that helps girls and women feel clean and safe, as Chhaupadi, rooted in Nepal, causes them to believe that they are impure. We also do workshops for boys and men, as in order for the stigma to change, the entire community must better understand what menstruation is.

Here are some photographs that further show our gratitude to Rotary Club Barcelona Millennium for believing in the project and contributing. Thank you!

Translation by Clara G.O. with annotations by Shruti Gautam

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