Testimonial for MHDay –Menstrual Hygiene Day– Walk

My name is Shruti, I live in Columbia, Missouri, United States. At my school we did not have free feminine products for school. So I worked with some administrators to provide free products district wide at the high schools in the bathrooms.

It is a completely student-run initiative. Afterwards, while researching how others are impacted by this problem, a friend of mine (Olivia DeClue) found the Rato Baltin project. It was horrifying to read and learn about how girls our age go through so much more.

We decided that if we inform more people about the problem, then maybe we can help raise funds. We started a charity walk in order to bring friends together and raise money for Rato Baltin. That’s how MHDay Walk began.

#Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019

We registered under the international MHDay organisation and are so proud of how far wave come. We raised over $1000 dollars, which is incredible considering it was a first time event regarding a generally taboo subject led by high scholar. Thank you so much also for Ms. Clara for continuously supporting us!

Written by Shruti G. and friends, at MHDay Walk Como

West Nepal girls need this kind of program. And we need help to continue the project!

Paypal recurring donations:

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Or if you feel like it, you can donate via bank transfer at: Banc Sabadell IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934 BIC: BSABESBB (your recurring donation will help us have a better planning of our budget to carry out the projects undertaken).

Or take a look to others ways to donate at http://beartsy.org/get-involved-with-rato-baltin/   or https://beartsy.org/become-an-associate/
Thank You! 🙂

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