Rato Baltin Project – (Red Bucket) Crowdfunding – #RatoBaltin

The crowdfunding of our project aimed at girls in Nepal is finally ready.
Remember: Rato Baltin Project (Red Bucket) consists of a menstrual and hygienic education program in West Nepal’s remotest areas. Through participatory photography workshops, we will offer menstrual and hygienic education training led by local nurses – with the aim to foster women’s rights and wellbeing. We also expect to be able to introduce the use of menstrual cups as a hygienic, healthy and safe means for them.

I guess you’ll already know that in several areas of Nepal, especially in the West, there is a practice called Chhaupadi: a cruel and devastating tradition. Girls and women, simply because they menstruate, are considered dirty and impure and are isolated from their community, with limited or no access to basic hygienic services, and exposed to harassment and sexual abuse.
The impact of said situation often implies missing school, humiliation and sex exploitation.

You can make your donation here: http://www.migranodearena.org/en/challenge/13821/higiene-menstrual-en-nepal—chhaupadi/

And please, feel free to share the link with your friends, we need to reach as many people as possible to bring the project to a good end.
Thank you very much from all the team at be artsy. 🙂

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