SPECIAL, part of the Creativity Photo Project, at the Fòrum fotogràfic Can Basté

Consisting of photographs taken during the Creativity Photo Project in Asia, project SPECIAL (a portrait series Clara G.O. made at the Manawala Centre in Amristar (India) to boys with special needs), have been exhibited at the Fòrum fotogràfic Can Basté 2016 , and will still be shown up until year end in this same venue.

The photography space of Can Basté makes a yearly selection of photographers – both amateur and professional – and, this year, the Creativity Photo Project, within the framework of be artsy, was selected and had 9 items exhibited. The photographs can also be seen online – along with various other pictures printed on different materials – and bought at be artsy’s solidarity shop.

The sale of said items will be invested into the NGO’s next project in Nepal: photography workshops, hygienic training (emphasising menstrual hygiene) to mitigate Chhaupadi – a “tradition” according to which girls and women are isolated from their community,  deprived of basic hygienic measures and left vulnerable to assault while they are menstruating.

This is project Rato Baltin (red bucket), which will be carried out in the most remote Western areas of Nepal from February 2017. One way of helping is by buying solidary art!

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