Impact of the 2020 project: we have keep on working despite the Covid-19

The challenges we faced while implementing the project in 2020 were due to the Covid-19, but despite the constraints, our local trainers have shown their motivation and willingness to keep working to bring changes in their community.

You can read the details of the evaluation of the 2020 Rato Baltin Project, the focus, the results, the budget evaluation, the data sources and the methodology in this document.

This year 2020 we have managed to maintain the presence of our team in the fields despite the sanitary measures due to Covid-19. Thanks to the goodwill of the trainers, the follow-up of the project went well, and we were able to implement some workshops. We have seen the need to design a workshop component aimed at boys, too, in order to holistically disseminate MHM knowledge and sex education.

We will pursue the implementation of a group workshop for school boys to be delivered in 2021. In every village, we also plan to organize talks with representatives of the municipalities as well as spiritual and religious leaders. Next year, the project is not going to be expanded to a lot of other villages. Instead, we will focus on having people working in the field during the whole year. We will try to reach more women and help them to stop Chhaupadi by assisting and encouraging them with the help of the mentors and training visits.

Our plan is to have a staff made up entirely of Achham girls. We will employ at least 2 girls from each village to work as social mobilizers and assist the trainer once per month throughout the whole year. We have been working to establish a strong mentor team in Achham, that can help in the future years of the project. This year we have been working with the new social enterprise Be Artsy Nepal as a counterpart, and because they were already working in 2019 as individual volunteers in the project, so things run smoothly and easily. They could get approval with SWC and implement the local girls in Achham, and we can trust that they will work with us in the long run.

In addition to that, we will continue to have Achham girls conduct the workshops on the field, and they will become team managers in the future. By means of these measures, the project can be managed more efficiently, and we will be able to count on the trainers in each municipality, who will take care of their menstrual cup users and foster Chhaupadi awareness year-round.


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