Can you help us to achieve #T2M Matchfunding with #Masks4Health?

We have a new crowdfunding. We have been offered an opportunity to which we have not been able to say no! I tell you: the crowdfunding platform ‘Migranodearena’ Foundation has offered us to join the Matchfunding #T2M‼ 🎉🎊

And you will wonder 🧐 and what is it? 🙂 That is the opportunity to get 1,500 euros extra 💰, if we complete this new crowdfunding in a few days. ⏲️ In addition, we have created it so that you can have a gift with your donation! 🎁

There are Thank You gifts for all the people who support us, related to Nepal, the project or Asia in general. And what will we use the money for if we get it? Well, to help the communities where we work to protect themselves from the Covid-19 as we protect ourselves here: With masks, soap and information on what has worked here and what has not. They do not have a health system like the one we have here and when winter arrives all communities must be very protected! With the 2018 (+ 1,500 of the Matchfunding # T2M) we will pay for the materials needed for local women to sew masks with the project #Masks4Health (Masks for health).

The challenge: our crowdfunding at

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