Emergency in Achham, Nepal. Masks 4 Health and food against Covid-19

We are in Nepal, on the ground, weaving a network of women who sew and distribute masks 😷 so that when the biggest part of the pandemic arrives, probably in late autumn, the area will be more prepared with this contribution.

At the moment there are few cases, but the country does not have hospitals or how to deal with it, so precaution will be the best solution.  We also will work in passing on comprehensible messages about the precautions, physical distancing, hands hygiene, and clear information about the real dangers.

And we can, with your donation, help to provide food for hundreds of returnees from India, now in quarantine centres (schools). There is a food emergency (read Food for returnees Project) where the municipalities have not enough resources. You can read here our Mask 4 Health Project.

With only 3 euros you can help us to respond to the problem of covid19🦠 in west Nepal.

Please donate now: You can give in your own currency from this convenient web: https://donorbox.org/mask-4-health-nepal

Thank you 🙏🏽

Text by Clara Garcia i Ortés, photos by Rohina Bandhari.

There are several ways in which you can get involved with our projects and help girls in Achham:

Teaming Group: 1 euro a month – become part of Rato Baltin Project!

Teaming Group: 1 euro a month – become part of the team and get your friends to help you sponsor her and avoid early marriage!!

Regular donation: to https://donorbox.org/againts-chhaupadi

Become a member: https://beartsy.org/associate/

🙂 Thanks!

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