Exhibition Asia 14-16 at Manlleuet – Manlleu – Catalonia

From the end of November to end of January the photos from the exhibitionn Asia 14-16 can be seen and bought at Restaurant Manlleuet, at Plaça Fra Bernadí 23, in Manlleu (province of Barcelona).

The photos can be booked right there at €25 and sent home, or at our online shop, where they will cost you a bit more. The total cost is €25 + postage, but since the cost up to 2kg are the same, you might as well buy some more!

We hope you pop into the exhibition or our online shop and enjoy the photos! 🙂


Since we are at it, please remember that up until end of January the exhibition “SPECIAL” will be in Can Basté (Barcelona) and the photos can also be bought online.

Finally, we also launched a fundraiser. These are all directed towards the same goal: project Rato Baltin, to aid girls in Nepal!

Onwards and upwards!

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