Mission Statement


Improve the lives of local communities and minorities, with special emphasis on the human rights of women, girls and trans people and those issues that concern them most.


Our aim is to work with minorities around the world to facilitate expression and communication by providing tools that will enable them to become their own agents of change and transformation. We understand creative endevours as a method for self-assessment, self-discovery and communication.

Our main values are:

Synergy and openness through cultural exchange to ideas, resources and human and creative experiences.

Respect to diversity and active participation: we all learn from each other and have contributions to make.

Collaboration and commitment with our donnors, recipients and other associations by fostering team work.

Creativity and openness to art. Creativity is at the core of be artsy, as is respect towards individual and collective creative processes.

Transparency and responsibility in administration and accountancy, through careful resource management.

Openness to initiative: we value and receive those who come up with and provide ideas, projects and cooperation towards reaching our goals.