We offer you transparency and trust – Our reports

We firmly believe that information and transparency are key to generating the trust that any person needs to decide to collaborate and that is why we offer it to you.

Associació be artsy is registered at the Department of Justice at the Generalitat de Catalunya under the register number  60067 / 2016

You can check our Articles of Association here.

The Rato Baltin project has been working since 2016, but we were first on the field in February 2017.

 On June 10, 2021 we were recognized as ONGD by AECID  And on July 1, 2021 we were declared of Public Utility .

Here you can read our annual reports:

Evaluations of the Rato Baltin Project.

Evaluation of the 2017 Project

Evaluation of the 2018 Project

Evaluation of the 2019 Project

Evaluation of the 2020 Project


Evaluations of the other Projects.

Evaluation of the EDUFEM project course 2019/2020 (2076)

Evaluation of the emergency response to the Pandemic during 2020


Visual memories of the NGO’s activities.

Activity reports 2018

Activity reports 2019

Activity reports 2020


Accounting reports of the NGO.

Annual balance 2016

Annual balance 2017

Annual balance 2018

Annual balance 2019

Annual balance 2020

The Creativity Photo project travelled to 6 different countries, offered 81 workshops in 32 different venues and worked with 2281 students till February 2017!