This would not be possible without you, that is why we want to thank each a every one of the people who made our work possible in Nepal during the 2017.

To continue empowering the girls and women in the remote areas of West Nepal, the raising of awareness and educating in menstrual and sexual matters in order to put an end to the Chhaupadi tradition, €9,967.71 were needed. Attached you will find the link with the information and break down of all the expenses.

We had the unconditional support of organisations such as ROKPA and Time 4 action, but also that of many anonymous donors. Without all of you this could not happen, so, however small, we are very grateful for all those valuable contributions.

We are not forgetting Fujifilm España, as they donated various photographic materials (photo paper, cameras…), enabling us to undertake one of the workshops, to facilitate the communication through the pictures.

Neither are we forgetting Ruby Cup, our strategic partner, because thanks to the donated cups, we can work with the girls in the most remote areas and make their menstrual cycles more confortable and hygienic.
We would like to remind you of the different ways to continue collaborating with us:

Once again, many thanks, together we can!


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